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Thursday, May 23, 2013

'Featured Artist' on Artsy Shark Blog (05/13/2013)

'Featured Artist' on Artsy Shark Blog (05/13/2013)

Much gratitude to owner and author Carolyn Edlund of Artsy Shark for selecting my work for an Emerging Artist blog interview. Her blog is a great resource for creative inspiration and the business of art.

Mary Serantoni’s award-winning photography has been described as “strikingly beautiful, emotional and romantic.” Enjoy her portfolio and see more by visiting her website.

I originally trained at Chicago’s American Academy of Art. The Professional Photographers of America awarded images in the International, Southwest Regional and State Print Competitions with judge’s comments ranging from “Vibrant color, great depth, exciting print”, and “Amazing visualization with personal impact.”

Tuscany Arezzo Streetscape
My work is in private collections from Helsinki, Finland; Sydney, Australia; Sussex, England; Canada; Newport Beach; San Francisco; Chicago; New York; Washington; Colorado; Connecticut; Massachusetts, Maine and New Orleans.

Debussy's Clair de Lune
I photograph Italy, France, City Novellas and Nature to translate a moment, a feeling, a story, or a sacred place. The images are phase one of the creative process. I stay true to my first glance at the subject, as in a quick sketch, or I apply painterly treatments in the digital darkroom. The photographs are influenced by the Masters of light and color.

"Paris" by photographer Mary Serantoni
What are your goals?
My goals are to build a brand that includes Fine art photography for Home Decor and Corporate Art markets. The long-term goal is to secure multiple licenses for image licensing. I am interested in interior design inquiries, gallery representation, and projects that include images for paper products.

Evening at Notre Dame
What are you working on now?
I have twelve works currently ‘under development’ for image licensing. So, I’m doing the Happy Dance and dreaming of a medium format camera (with bated breath!) I study, observe and refine. There’s so much more to say, to explore, to illustrate.

My Etsy Shop SERANTONI Designs is a joy. It’s an evolving work-in-progress, where I receive audience feedback and meet fascinating global artisans and entrepreneurs.

Venetian Jewel
What inspires you?
Since childhood, the art world inspired me — from Art History; Classical and Jazz music; Literature and Theatre; David Hockney’s Set Designs and landscapes; the energy of a great urban city; travel adventures; and the power of nature. The trees, the ocean, Alaskan wilderness, all renew your perspective.

The little miracles of art inspire me. As a former Art & Music Therapy Volunteer, I cherish the memories of children opening up — communicating and laughing — when painting, drawing or music is introduced (Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and Banner Desert Medical Center – Pediatrics/Oncology).

Sweet Home Chicago
Stories of successful entrepreneurs inspire me. When artists can balance the art with commerce and begin with nothing but talent, courage, drive and a dream – I study and learn from them.

“All passes, Art alone endures.”  - Anonymous

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Venice Collection featured on Photography Blogger

Much gratitude to author Stephanie Kay-Kok of Photography Blogger for featuring selections from The Venice Collection on the popular Photography Blogger (05.09.2013).

Beautiful Venice, Italy – Travel Photography by Mary Serantoni

Mary Serantoni is a fine art travel photographer who’s originally from Chicago and now lives in Phoenix. Her portfolio focuses mainly on European street scenes, especially from Italy and France. She had a vivid style almost like a painting, with soft scenes and blended colors. Her shots of Venice are particularly lovely–showing the city’s ‘streets’ of water at their most beautiful.
To see more of Mary’s photography, visit her websiteblog or etsy shop.
venice italy
I Could Have Danced All Night
venice italy
Poetic Bridge in Venice
venice italy
If Walls Could Talk (Campo de L’abazia)
venice italy
Intermezzo, Venice
venice italy
Juliet’s Windowscape
venice italy
Fresco at St. Mark’s Basilica
venice italy
Men at Work
venice italy
Walk with Me
venice italy
Venetian Jewel
venice italy
venice italy
Buon Giorno, Venice!
venice italy
Venetian Fairy Tale

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