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Friday, March 30, 2012

"Creating Art Strengthens the Immune System"

I was thrilled to hear fave cartoonist/author/educator Lynda Barry state in a recent interview, "Creating Art strengthens the immune system.As a former Art Therapy Volunteer at Chicago Rehabilitation Center and Music Therapy Volunteer at Banner Desert Medical Center (Pediatrics and Oncology), I immediately sent her an imaginary bouquet of 100 roses. Art can be the vehicle that allows us to witness little miracles in children to seniors.

A worthy mention for creatives and the open-minded can be discovered in Ivan Brunetti's 'Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice', a gem of a book praised by Barry:

Thanks to a share by artist Kate Harper, you can check out Barry's sparkling little interview with The Progressive: As a native Chicagoan, I followed Barry's work for years in The Reader. Her quirky rants, pathetic childhood musings, and observational humor can delight, annoy, and resonate at various symphonic levels. As a gifted cartoonist, writer, painter, illustrator. playwright, editor, commentator and educator -- Lynda Barry is not to be ignored.

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